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Centre for the promotion of science, Belgrade – competition

The architect team of Pikasch Építész Stúdió, led by Pirayesh Arash and Zoltan Schrammel, has created a unique proposal for the international competition. Next to the giant blocks of New Belgrade, they designed new, abstract, solid volumes which appear as huge rocks surrounded by a lake and green surfaces. This approach focuses on the essential elements of nature such as earth, water, air, sun and the biosphere. The proportion of natural forms and materials are dominant and contrast the buildings' use of renewable sources of energy, such as wind, sun, water and geothermic energy. Cars arrive to an underground car park from where people can reach the whole area only by foot. The heart of this educational and exhibition centre is an island which is a real public space and to which the entrances of the buildings — all coated with cement plates on a steel framework — are orientated.

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