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Celestial manna – the agricultural skyscraper concept

The growth of cities is continuously accelerating and according to estimates 70% of the population will live in urban environments by 2050. But where are the extremely large areas of land that are needed to supply this number of people with food? Architects Kiss-Gál Zsuzsanna, Kiss-Gál Gergely, Petró Margó and Debreczeni Péter tried to answer this urgent question with the concept of a vertical garden. Energy and rural land can be saved if gardens were inserted into the texture of cities. Special cultivation methods and shelf-like arrangements make the creation of vertical agricultural land possible. However, in this 'skyscraper' there would not only be land but markets and farmhouses too. The different levels could be connected with a parallel system of always-moving paternoster elevators. Agricultural machines, ventilation and wind turbines are stored at the sides and on the roof, while for irrigation, rainwater is collected in tanks some of which can even serve as fishponds. Since it has two sides, the agricultural skyscraper can be oriented perfectly to the sun and solar energy production is continuous.

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