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Daniel Ungerhofer wanted to remodel the casemates in Győr as his diploma-work while keeping the city's interesting cultural background alive and install an art school underground.

It has always been a priority during writing my thesis that I wouldn’t just work on something of lesser value. Many questions had to be answered about the importance of historical, cultural and urban values of Győr. I believe it is crucial to raise awareness, to point out that underneath Győr there are hidden spaces which could bring new life to the city if they got enough attention and were reused.

Mock-up - architect: Dániel Ungerhofer


I kept in mind such a mentality during the development, I promised that I would help maintain the identity of the casemates, but also to let people access and experience them. While working on the topic I’ve been trying to understand the working concept of the existing casemates and then to apply these concepts through current methods to ensure the safety of being underground for prolonged periods.

Mock-up - architect: Dániel Ungerhofer


For instance, these could be the presence of natural light or assuring adequate ventilation. I believe the students of the Arts University I envisioned, by their nature, would be able to be as one with the environment around them.

Furthermore, I hope that the difference between what is built on the ground and what is underneath it could generate such activities on Kaptalandomb that could revitalize the currently idle atmosphere.

Dániel Ungerhofer


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