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casa cv - dipped in off-white

Bernd Steinhuber, a young Austrian architect designed a villa at the lake Balaton [Hungary]. Text and images by Bernd Steinhuber.

A hill in Alsoörs.
An elongated white structure.

A disruption in the homogeneity of the surroundings. One can feel the strong interaction between the familiar bulk and the individual unfamiliar. probably one feels that the form bonds with the surroundings. The linear ridge of the hill lying behind, the wooded hillside. The house. The same proportions. Graded.




The house unites with the „Grand“. Accounts for what "always” has been here.
Incidentally, the form is inspired by the traditional, drawn-out architecture of the Pannonian space and interprets the needs of time, place and the user´s character.

There is no interior, no exterior, just ONE moving and living deck. One lives in the landscape. Connected with the lake, the blooming trees, the vineyards, the sparkling lights in the night.



To see all this unhindered at any time and to preserve the tree population, the living deck has to be situated above the existing terrain. The roof and the living deck are raised, the space around opens out similarly. On a sharp edge which joins the spots where the structure strikes the terrain.

Casa CV is an artifical embankment on which a living deck is situated.

Functional elements are added. A service zone which expands along the total length of the house and gives the structure a spine. Protection against insight from the northerly situated street. A transparent thermal encasing. A multifunctional, seperable space for visitors. Boxes for cooking. The outdoor-table for the first coffee on a foggy morning, the sunbed, an outdoor living environment with space for at least 8 people, wooden stairs and bridges which connect the house with the premises and thematically with the lake. An outdoor shower in front of the bathroom.

Take a shower naked in the vineyards.




Everything is dipped in off-white. The white increases the constantly changing colours of the lake, the nature, the sky. A 3-dimensional passepartout. The homogeneity is subtly, the exterior is covered with a grafic design inspired by embroidery of hungarian costumes.
Everything is logic. Easy. Linked.

project and contact data.
projectname: casa cv
adresse: alsoörs, hu

planing: 3-2007 to 9-2007
project finished: 09-2008
inside: 94,0 sqm
terrasse: 96 sqm

atelier bernd steinhuber
architektur / interieur / design
a 8020 graz / georgigasse 46
a 1070 wien / wimbergergasse 14-16 

all fotos: bernd steinhuber

construction planning in cooperation with:
miklos miltenyi


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