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Canoe Tours’ Port in Szentistvánbaksa

As the focus of her diploma-work, a nearly derelict land in the small village incited a plethora of possible uses in Renáta Zsiros. She started with the idea of a canoe tour and imagined accordingly a boathouse, a pier, a terrace for relaxation and wine-tasting, and even accommodations in the form of cabins.

Szentistvánbaksa is located in a valley in the middle of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, and from one side it is surrounded by a hill covered in forests. On the other side, the River Hernád can be found. We can reach the lightly populated town only from one road called Petőfi Street, but the River Hernád can be another choice to approach it.

The idea of my final thesis came about as a canoe tour. This part of the Hernád is so beautiful with its small islands and curvy route. So the conception was to build a boathouse with a platform, where the tourists can rest and rent a kayak or a canoe.

Boathouse design plan - architect: Renáta Zsiros

The northern border proved itself to be the best location. Near the village, a big plum-seed shape island divides the river. Because of the flood-prevention, a steel concrete retaining wall was built a few years ago. The result of this construction was that a little triangle-shaped parcel was isolated. Nowadays there are two wooden weekend houses on this land, but they are unused.

The triangle-shaped parcel had no structures for flood-prevention, therefore this was the best choice for the location of the port. My first idea was to construct the boathouse here, but it has a 4-meters fall, which makes the area unreachable for the tourists. Furthermore, it would decrease the width of the river. To solve the problem of landing, I had to reduce the height of the land. I created a triangle-shaped pier - which follows the original line of the river.

Boathouse design plan - architect: Renáta Zsiros

Every year this place is exposed to flooding, therefore I set the boathouse on legs and hereby the level of the key horizon is the same with the level of the street. There is also a ramp on the pier, which can help us reach the concrete ground of the boathouse and from there, stairs lead us to the street. 

The other speciality of this place is the so-called ’alsópincesor’, which is located on the other side of the road. Nowadays most of the cellars are unused because they are in bad condition or torn down, therefore a lot of free places can be found in this parcel. The two afore-mentioned places are close to each other, so I also incorporated the other side into the original conception.

To avoid the further demolition, I planned a wine terrace for the existing wine-press houses and extending them with little bungalows. These huts are good for the tourists, where they can relax and rest. This wine terrace is not only beneficial for the tourists, but it also can help regain the old shine of the viniculture.

Renáta Zsiros



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