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Calvary of a church

In his design of a Roman Catholic church, architect Kálmán Zsuffa proposed a vision of a complex sacral centre, in which the "stations of the cross" (Calvary) were starkly emphasized. The building’s volume forms a cross emerging from the earth and its "negative" imprint in the ground composes a unity — a dual cross, as can be seen on the Hungarian coat of arms. In the basement, a columbarium was placed with a deep courtyard flanked by stairs formed from the ground. The layout of the church represents a cross in the three wing of which are galleries. On the two sides of the church, stairs lead to the Calvary. Looking out of the glazed roof, you can feel the universe and supernatural closer to you. Solar cells and blinds were placed on the roof to control the amount of daylight and also to use it for producing energy.

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