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Burgundy dynamism: the Regional Blood Center of Szeged

Previously, the Regional Blood Center had operated in the clinical block of the University of Szeged, which building, however, did not meet the needs of modern technology and function. The proposed building is a corner building, connected to the existing houses in an unbroken line.

Cutting the corner has an indicative role, it defines the positions of the façades turning around the corner. The retracted two-storey transparent volume houses the public entrance to the building, and at the same time it reacts to the corner design of the parking garage recently built on the opposite corner of the square. The transparent building contour, the two-level high red wall appearing next to the entrance, and the transition of outdoor and indoor spaces result in a finely chiseled and elaborated corner solution.

The only public building standing on the corner of the building block should not mimic the behavior of residential buildings, but it has to stand out from its environment with its openness, transparency and clear mass formula. Dividing the building into two blocks is the result of the aspiration for a pure geometric formula. The pierced, homogeneous surface designed with burgundy colored is a symbol referring to the function, recalling the dynamics of the blood, standing next to the long, pure white block.



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