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Bujnovszky Tamás [99]

Láng House of Culture

The House of Culture survived barely on life support desperately needing to be renovated. In 2005 Archikon studio started to work on the renovation plans but after the economic crises, everything was postponed. Now, they faced with a revised programme what they turned into an advantage. The...

Constructivist Dream on the Balaton Shore

At the end of the reconstruction of this house in Lake Balaton, Csaba Kovács succeeded in giving a lighter impression to the modern building, even if it has its roots in constructivist design. The interior design of Nóra Demeter alleviates the exterior even more, as the pastel...

Clean-cut Landmark - Ericsson House

Designed by László Szerdahelyi and József Pesti (Aspectus Architect), the new Ericsson House is the new member of the already monumental university district in Buda, at the riverbank of Danube. The building assimilates into its built environment as its neverending glass surface has become a...

The place of the barn

There was a typical cross-shaped house with outbuildings connected. When designing his own home Papp László kept the typical architectural style of the area but reorganized the traditional division to today’s needs and functionality.