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Set on Track - TVE Sports Centre

In 2017 the citizens of Óbuda came into possession of the new recreation centre of the Sports, Gymnastics and Fencing Association of District III. The comprehensive revival of the sports complex contains the educational swimming pool, running tracks and sports fields, as well as the new...

Searing Hot Fiber Cement

The Interspar in Tatabánya underwent a complete reconstruction. LAB5 architects, as the designers of the renovation, took the city's history of mining activities as an inspiration and created a cave-like cement entrance for the building, which remained an inviting and attractive structure with...

Visual and Contextual Honesty

Openness was a major factor in dr Zoltán Bun Ph.D.'s design program both visually (with glass facades) and contextually (with all-direction access). This way, his New Market Hall and UP Event Space adopts the functions of public space and makes itself accessible in all possible aspects.

Lodge in a Glade - Sustainable Home in Harghita

As an almost entirely self-reliant home, the alternative family house designed by István Benedek (blipsz) on the hills of Harghita, has some state-of-the-art solutions for sustainability. Its inner contemporary techniques are also present in its outline and shape as the barn-like structures...

Forest Chapel: Saint Imre Hill, Pannonhalma, Hungary

Deep in the forest of the town of Pannonhalma, home of a more than 1,000 years old Benedictine Monastery, lies Saint Imre Hill. In the course of one week, in August 2018, three dozen university students built a non-denominational chapel on a clearing close to the peak. The project was initiated...

Therapy center for the Down Association

On World Down Syndrome Day (that is 21 March) thanks to a one of a kind project in the industry, Rejtett Kincsek (Hidden Treasures) Down Association opened its second Inclusive Early Development Centre and Playhouse in Hungary, this time in Budapest.