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House on a strong slope

The house is a smaller group of regular prisms, cut into a natural slope. Their geometry is modular, lower prisms split into two cubes, while the forms placed on the roof are both an eighth of a cube. 

Skanska HQ – Budapest

"Thanks to the fact that Skanska's office is in a building developed and built by Skanska, we show the original surfaces of the structure, the rough concrete ceiling becomes an elegant part of the interior. We use tools of land-art and we plant little living forests in the interior." Designed by...

Simple result: passive house

What makes a house outstanding today? It is necessary to have the appropriate combination of aesthetic exterior, an interior tailored to your needs and be comfortable to use and high quality of applied technical solutions. Passive house designed by Attila Hegedűs. 

FLOW Hostel

"FLOW Hostel occupies the second floor of a more than hundred-year-old downtown historic building in Budapest. Our team was asked to turn the whole area into a hostel with 98 beds for young tourists traveling on a budget." The concept was designed by PRTZN Architecture

New building of the Ludovica Campus

The development of the campus of this university was a logical step necessary for a longer time; whilst training was housed previously at various points in the city, it is now integrated on one and the same site. The basic formula of the building, which is a Z-shape, has several advantages.