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The place of the barn

There was a typical cross-shaped house with outbuildings connected. When designing his own home Papp László kept the typical architectural style of the area but reorganized the traditional division to today’s needs and functionality. 

From garage to professional interior

The project was greatly facilitated by the management's attitude: they understood the need for good design. New spaces had to be created, the repair shop's operation, logistics and workstations had to be remodeled and the existing office space needed to be adapted to the new design.

Renovation and expension of the Hild mansion

László Kokas and his team decided to look at the features of the classicistic architecture, figure out the rules of its game and after that, design a clean classical building. During the construction they used a low-key contemporary aspect: symmetry, perspicuity, calmness.

Unity in duality – Villa in Csillagvölgy

How could someone possibly build a home on a parcel that lies at the beginning of a slope of a valley? The residential building planned by László Benczúr and Miklós Weichinger plays upon this territorial feature. Their work has been honored with a special mention at the House of the Year...

Home from Concrete

The house reflects duality in its use of materials. Its exterior facades are white plastered while the facades of the internal atrium facing the courtyard have an anthracite grey fiber cement facade lining, what is more, built-in concrete furniture was also commissioned by the client. This...