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Vizafogó Kindergarten

The existing 2 storey building of the kindergarten is situated between 11 storey high prefabricated blocks at the Vizafogó housing estate. The original building wasn’t suitable for today’s requirements, so there was a need to modernize and extend it. The new kindergarten is designed by...

Piarist Dormitory in Kecskemét

The construction works of the building were aimed the internal renovation and modernization of the ground floor and all the storeys, as well as the complete reconstruction of the attic. The reconstruction works left the fundamental structures of the building unchanged. Designed by kollektív...

UTE, Multifunctional Sports Hall

"During the design process, our architectural concept was to create a disciplined, yet atmospheric sports hall. To achieve this, we designed the sport and the service functions with different structural systems." dmb műterem

Wellbeing of People in Focus

The building mass of the German School of Budapest, the unity of the existing building and the new wing, forms a large-scale sundial. The face of the dial divided into twelve hours refers to the twelve years of schooling. The passage of time and the advancing shadow symbolise the years spent in...

Answers to Dirk Wallenburg

"I went to see the finished staircase just as Feri introduced me to a smiling, sympathetic gentleman, Dirk Wallenburg. They sat inside the newly opened space, over papers, in loose conversation. Of course, I accepted the coffee again – I still don't count on that day – and we were discussing...

Family house in Zúzmara street

At the upper part of Budaörs, separeted from the busy part of the city there's a mountain, a chapel, some narrow little plots - it's an ideal place to live. GINKGO Architects designed a family house here inspired by the sight.