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Budapest [406]

Vanguard Interior Design for the Museum of Applied Arts

Kristóf Göbölyös and colleagues have imagined a sharp new vision for the historical building by Ödön Lechner. The Art Nouveau exterior and the pixellated, gridlike interior structure clashes inside the space but the craftsmanship and the universality of design bring them together.

Kindergarten and temporary foster home

As her diploma, Anna Bálint designed a kindergarten and temporary foster home in Magdolna quarter that is considered one of the most underdeveloped neighborhood in Budapest. Her idea is to extend the new kindergarten function by adding a temporary placement is based on needs of the district, to...

Láng House of Culture

The House of Culture survived barely on life support desperately needing to be renovated. In 2005 Archikon studio started to work on the renovation plans but after the economic crises, everything was postponed. Now, they faced with a revised programme what they turned into an advantage. The...

Jewel on the Buda Danube Embankment

The rehabilitation of the building is an importan part of the complex urban development process. The building, which had stood empty and abandoned for a decade and seemed doomed to decay, was reborn as the Ybl Creative House Buda in May 2018. 

Music Education in an Air Defense Bunker

The diploma-work of Ákos Orbán reflects on the growing spatial demand of a music school. For the new functions, he has chosen a nearby defense shelter in visual connection to the school building, the features of which provide perfect acoustic isolation, despite the dense siting.

DANUBIO: Architecture in unity with the River

Development by the Budapest section of the Danube, Europe’s second largest river, has long been in the public discourse, and so a contemporary approach that respects residents, locals and the environment was long overdue. Developers of DANUBIO - a piece of land that has direct connection with...