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Budapest [330]

Hospital in the middle of the city

There is a fine line between a cozy, welcoming environment and an overtly luxurious copy of a hotel. Gergő Fejes who created the new hospital for Medicover aspired to make the patients feel at ease, while maintaining a professional atmosphere needed in a medical center. 

Two in one house

The family-house is situated in the Buda hillside area where traditional, 19th-century upper-middle-class and „Swiss-type” villas can be found, overtaken by the offspring of bygone architectural trends. In this context the architect has to find the right answer: whether to think...

A Milestone Brightening Up

The members of Mérték Studio drew their inspiration from the mesmerizing experience of the Nordic Light, as the office block carries the same name. This natural phenomenon is reflected on the facades of the building as a live sensation unfolds as we look at the facades.  

Wine connects us - the Budafok Winehouse

Located at the intersection of main streets, the Winehouse in Budafok is a cultural centre for the area that has a rich history with viniculture. The plan for this building has an eclectic style and use of materials. The project is made by architect student Andor Pákh.

Acting Colours - the new National Tennis Centre

Ever since modernism, it is always risky to create a colorful building that preserves its dignity. This was especially true for the National Tennis Centre that had to present a graceful, elite vibe, while transmitting playfulness. Géza Kendik architect of this plan has certainly managed to...

An Icon on the Danube Bank

Duna Aréna, made by Marcel Ferencz DLA and György Détári DLA [Napur Architect Co.] has a rational structure, meanwhile, it imitates the flow of the Danube. "Spaces flowing into one another feature the interior of the Aréna. The central skylight impresses us as if we were looking upward...

New micro community

Vivid colors, built-in furniture and even inherited pieces from grandparents; these are characteristics that make the studio flats by Gergő Batizi-Pócsi and Péter Batizi-Pócsi [batlab architects] so attractive to young adults, looking for a convenient place to live.