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Budafok new, modern market 2.

 The neighbours handed over recently from his market's and the community space's developed in an eye with it fruition Kertész András Tibor architect and with Torma Sarolta planning the space, and the Land-A co-worker, Rothman Gabriella talked with his colleague.

Urban concept

Earlier the local government of 22. district – Budapest has launched an open architectural competition to the new market and it’s sorrounding areas. My office has won this national competiton. The main idea of the concept was to create a transparent market building with a square in front of it. The square is a very important part of the composition, it is a part of the market. The square can have also market function if it is needed, but also other functions like cultural events, festivals etc..

Location of the market

The new market has a central location in the 22. district, in Játék street. Earlier there was an old market on the place, where now a sqare is to be found. The local munincipality has bought private plots to the market building, so the old market could work uptill the new building became ready.

Concept of the building

The market building is a basically „closed” market, sorrounded by a brick wall, covered with a steel roof structure. The roof consists of different high roof elements. The geometry of the roof ensures the natural ventillation and illumination of the space under the roof. The roof structure has a perforated steel skin on the fassades. The retails are made of prefabricated steel constructions like pavilions.

The market hall has three personnel entrances. One of them the largest opens up to the square.

The delivery bay is only partly covered, but with perforated gates are separated from the street.

Total gross floor area of the building is apr. 1900m2.



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