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Bright colors and modernism: Sheraton Hotel

On behalf of KÉSZ Építő Zrt. Csaba Kelemen and Zoltán Porcsalmy followed the construction of the newest hotel and conference center in Kecskemét from start to finish. The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel has a façade made up of three colors; and half-hidden behind the sycamore trees it attracts and invites visitors to Kecskemét for relaxation and recreation. 

In setting up the design program a need arose to develop a complex ensemble of buildings, so the concept was expanded with a conference center. The architects planned to build a business hotel by utilizing the load-bearing structure of the existing office building and adding a new wing in direction of the street front. The new and separate building unit on the southern side contains a conference center linked to the hotel.

At the beginning of the planning process, the mass formation was inspired by the building’s features and constraints and also by the protected sycamore trees. The rusty brown units and the light silver blocks between them are separated by the retracted charcoal grey metal and glass surfaces. The façade colors are typical and characteristic colors of the steel production process, intended to preserve the spirit of place. When developing the mass of the conference center the goal was to create a simple form.

During the planning of the building’s environment the landscape designer tried to recall the building’s typical oblique lines also in the contours of green surfaces. The steel sculptures of contemporary artists supported by the hotel owner are placed in the park around the building.



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