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Boutique hotel in Pécs: Adele Hotel

Nearly a decade of planning work was completed when Adele Hotel was finished in Pécs, a few minutes from Széchenyi tér as the revival of a downtown historic building. The house was designed by the Pécs-seated Karlovecz Architect Office led by Zoltán Karlovecz.

The design process lasted nearly a decade, several sketches and feasibility studies were prepared. The first plans were drawn in 2004, when the owner commissioned the architect office to prepare the restoration plans. In the design, the 1962 conversion was pulled down, and by restoring the 1856 state of the building two apartments were created on the ground floor and first floor, and two more flats were designed with the conversion of the large loft. Also, the restoration of the cracked vault of the courtyard stable was planned.

Adele Hotel - architect: Zoltán Karlovecz - photo:


In 2010, the client planned to develop a downtown hotel in the building. Neither this plan nor the former one could be realized. In 2012 a new plan was prepared by keeping the hotel program and updating the needs. The street side wing was given, and the demolished courtyard wing was re-designed with the original plan contour.

Adele Hotel - architect: Zoltán Karlovecz - photo:

The architects managed to reduce the large mechanical assemblies to the smallest possible size, and to place them to the loft of the building by keeping the original contours of the attic.

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