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BME Lakóépülettervezési Tanszék [9]

Pebl of Danube

The project got its name “Dunakavics”(Pebl of Danube) because in its final form it resembles a stack of pebbles, which can be associated with the functions of relaxation and recreation, and the name itself refers to the name of a type of Hungarian national sweets.

Sleeping capsules in the woods

The diploma work of Krisztián Tóth is a plan for a light, playful resting place for cyclists. The sleeping capsules are surrounded by nature, and barely connect to the main structure, providing for a calm, intimate connection with the woods.

Perforated spaces – activity house in Győr

Imola Kristóf designed an activity, education and leisure center for people with disabilities. The volumes and spaces of the building are both separated and connected by large perforations and breakthroughs – creating clearings and passages between closed and open spaces, inner courtyards...