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Bivouac and observation tower on Bence-hill

We present the plan of Kovács Csaba, Máté Tamás és Vass-Eysen Áron, which they made for the Bence-hill lookout architectural competition.

While eating scones at the riverbank, we notice the new silhouette with clear geometry, at the chaoticly built in hill-side. Next to the tall, slender transceiver tower, there stands not another tower, but a lower, landscape scale frame. What could that be? Let's check it out!

By bikes we get up at the top of the hill in 10 minutes. The horizontal platform, which rises above the trees on the winding roads of the hill, shows another mass from every different angle. As we reach the top, the parking lot is fully crowded, people with cars, tourings, hikers. We lock our bikes next to the cafeteria, and start our journey through the path towards the greenish building. On the benches next to the road there are a bunch of people sitting, talking, relaxing. As we get out among the trees, the definite crowd unfolds ahead us, it's surface is inwrought, membrane-like.

visualization - Bivouac and observation tower on Bence-hill

The shadows of the trees shades it at once, the silhouettes of the moving people appears inside and we can even see the blue sky behind it. Below the lookout tower, a few people barbecue around the fire, some are walking in and out from one of the towers, so we go to the entrance of it. We step inside this strange atmosphere, it's like climbing up on a tree: the light slightly comes through little holes, like those would be leaves of a tree. As we get on the top, a pier turns up with full of people. Some of them've been there for a long time, they're playing chess lying on a blanket, above the scenery. Others are setting up astronomical binoculars, waiting for the experience of the evening. They are talking about the previous night and it turns out, that they had sleep at the other part of the lookout tower. After sunset we go down and we notice that there's another entrance of the tower. People with backpacks descend on ladders, they're talking about keys. We walk down to the bicycles and it turns out, that there's a few rentable hammocks at the counter that could be hang out at the lookout tower.

We decide that we try this out: it's enough to return home in the morning. After climbing up the ladder and pushing away a sliding door we find ourselves in an unusual, exciting place: wooden capsule-like space with hooks on the wall, waiting for the hammocks to be hung out. We wake up, smelling pleasant wood, the first lights of the sun comes through lots of little squares, resulting pictorical shadows at the opposite wall. Luckily there's wifi, so I can post our sleeping place on facebook, letting my friends to be curious and envy about this.

visualization - Bivouac and observation tower on Bence-hill

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