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Bio-briquettes dryer in Monor

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, The Doctoral School of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics launched a specific research program in 2008. They would like to help the society groups on the peripheries and acquaint them with our society through the mutual work. For this reason, they created the briquette dryer in Monor.

With the help of university students and local volunteers, during the summer construction camp we have constructed a small-scale building to host the production process of bio-briquettes, an alternative fuel to be used for heating.

architects: Katalin Fazekes, Péter Fejérdy, Veronika Holczer, Balázs Kemes, Miklós Oroszlány - photo: Albert Máté

Beside providing local work opportunities, the program aims to improve living conditions. An important outcome of our construction-camps is the contact we establish with local communities who suffer the effects of living on the edge of society.

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