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Bathhouse Reloaded - Preliminary design project of residential-commercial buildinging in Subotica

The mission of Tibor Daniel Losoncz's project is to design a new object of suitable appearance in the center of the city of Subotica. The basic work included exploring and analyzing the buildings of the street and its surroundings. 

The goal is to present a functional architectural solution for the ground floor bathing contents, while on the upper floors living quarters. Although the research work is sufficient for design work, it can be continued as a component of a future project. The illustrated idea, as its name suggests, it is an idea, for further arguments and debates that can lead to an adaptive solution.

This is a challenge to the urban core, to dream in the Art Nouveau environment of something new. As a solution, in one of the most famous baths in the city we are dreaming of a modern complex, which reflects partly on the former content and as a complement to residential property. From a visual point of view the integration of the taller building into the lower ones were a task to be solved. The difference between the adjacent building levels, was adjusted by the designer with the playful thinking with the facade assignment. The newly arranged building is designed taller than the adjacent and surrounding buildings which are accordingly all in line with the existing regulatory plans and office conditions. The building is linked to the adjacent building with its architectural elements, yet it is evident from the altitude differences. With its mass, it redefines the created space for it with a new passage that would connect to the surrounding streets and the roof-top on the first floor would provide a "green oasis" for a relaxed environment.

The proposed idea, with its re-interpreted "bath" content, and living parts, reflects only partially on the previously existing, now demolished building. The basement and the ground floor are ideal for a new wellness center, while on the first-, second floor and on the attic, apartments would be formatted. When creating the exterior part of the building, we paid thorough attention to the "new reality" principle, which transforms the existing environment to best respect the past.

Tibor Daniel Losoncz

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