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Bath for the soul

Comprehensive research and heightened sensitivity are the main characteristics of Áron Lality's diploma work that won the award for a degree plan by MÉK-MÉSZ. The project offers a solution for renovating a historically loaded building. 

The design revives the turn of the century building of the baths complex in Subotica, a town in Serbia that formerly belonged to Hungary, whilst retaining its original functions. A few years ago several interventions have taken place in this town, which actually endangered the buildings of historic significance.

Unfortunately, many of them have been demolished only to be replaced with blocks of flats still being built today. The scheme was a response to convincingly show that the first idea does not necessarily have to be that of annihilation. The essence of the concept is to heighten the impressions and emotions one experiences when making a tour of the site, so that they can permeate both the exterior and the interior of the building.

Lality Áron

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