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Barack /peach/ (Hotel) ripen in Tiszakécske

In recent years, the bath in Tiszakécske was completed with several features, as a result of which it became necessary to build a larger hotel, capable to host more guests. Mergeable adjoining units provide high variability and also serve the needs of the families and guests arriving with a larger company. The hotel was designed by Csaba Németh.

The building fulfills a number of functions at a time, among which the primary task is of course to provide accommodation and along with it also to find and attract new target groups. In addition, a health center was also planned into the building, which consists of three medical stations: rheumatology-orthopedics, dermatology and angiology functions. With the establishment of medical services connected to the spa services, the hotel became all inclusive for the guests.

The hotel is placed in the northeast corner of the site of the bath, since this is the area where no buildings with any important function can be found. This means that the existing operation remained intact during the hotel construction. In front of the building, a beautifully designed landscaped square was created in order to provide a worthy arriving for the guests. 

The mass formation of the building was determined by the modern character of the previous developments, but the plans were influenced also by the need of using site-specific, traditional materials. The block is covered with low-pitched roofs similar to the earlier constructed buildings, and balconies articulate the elevations.




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