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Bán Dávid [46]

Clean-cut Landmark - Ericsson House

Designed by László Szerdahelyi and József Pesti (Aspectus Architect), the new Ericsson House is the new member of the already monumental university district in Buda, at the riverbank of Danube. The building assimilates into its built environment as its neverending glass surface has become a...

Dynamic Diagnostics

Just next to the sports centre and a museum of sports in Debrecen, on the eastern side of the stadium, a unique institution has been inaugurated: the Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Centre, designed by Zoltán Győrffy

Searing Hot Fiber Cement

The Interspar in Tatabánya underwent a complete reconstruction. LAB5 architects, as the designers of the renovation, took the city's history of mining activities as an inspiration and created a cave-like cement entrance for the building, which remained an inviting and attractive structure with...