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Bán Dávid [37]

Box-like exterior by Minusplus

The building of SB-Controls is located in an industrual park outskirt of Sóskút. The view of this environment is dominated by large scale factories and warehouses. Reacting to this urban no-man's land and the client's need to create a familiar and intimate atmosphere inside, the architects of...

An Icon on the Danube Bank

Duna Aréna, made by Marcel Ferencz DLA and György Détári DLA [Napur Architect Co.] has a rational structure, meanwhile, it imitates the flow of the Danube. "Spaces flowing into one another feature the interior of the Aréna. The central skylight impresses us as if we were looking upward...

The praise of an ideal partnership

The ideal partnership, developed from the lucky meeting of the architect and the client, resulted in a generous, rich, yet invincible villa was built in Budaliget. The detached house, designed by Marcel Ferencz, is a meditative home, the place of recreation, and a good investment at the same...

Hospital in the middle of the city

There is a fine line between a cozy, welcoming environment and an overtly luxurious copy of a hotel. Gergő Fejes who created the new hospital for Medicover aspired to make the patients feel at ease, while maintaining a professional atmosphere needed in a medical center.