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Bán Dávid [52]

The tomb of Gül Baba and its environment

The tomb with it’s inner garden and the wider environment - the rose garden and Gül baba Street - is a well-graced place of Budapest. However, during the decades, dilapidation became a more and more determining feature in this area. The staying away of visitors and the deterioration of...

The Museum of Arany János

On the occasion of the János Arany Memorial Year 2017, the municipality of Nagykőrös called for the restoration of the local museum based on 3 main interests: the renewal of the display of the local history collection, the works of Arany written during the nine-year period he spent in town,...

Architect Studio in the mountains

In a prominent green area of Budapest, a dead-end street became completely sordid due to the homeless people who moved into the old, abandoned printing shop and to their “lifestyle”. The reconstruction done by transforming the features of the old Swabian architecture (form and materials...

Boldness and Tradition

Started as a chapel, ended as a synagoge. However, it functioned already as a bus station and also a medieval restaurant. Now, due to Sugár Péter DLA and Varga Piroska, it is a fantastic rehabilitated cultural centre: The House of Jewish Excellence.