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Backpacker tourism accommodated in a monument

Péter Borbás DLA prepared a concept plan for the transformation of the former Nagy Mansion in Szentendre. In addition to an accommodation for backpackers, also rooms with high comfort, a restaurant and a conference room could be placed in the building under monumental protection, which is currently waiting for investors.  

In 2014, the Municipality of Szentendre announced a restricted invitation to prepare a concept plan for the utilization of the former Nagy Mansion, which operated as a Levente (=paramilitary youth organization in Hungary) Home from 1941, and as a clinic after the nationalization. The main pillar of the tourist-purpose function was the establishment of an accommodation for backpackers, completed with higher comfort rooms, a catering unit, and a large hall that can be operated separately. The winning concept put the emphasis on dissolving the closed position from direction of the Bükkös Creek, with the primary means of opening up the currently narrow stairs with the construction of widening terrain-steps, and by utilizing the basement rooms as a café.

On the basement floor a café, its service spaces and a club room, a large hall, accessible through a separate entrance, and the separate entrance of the existing cellar system can be found. On the ground floor there is a hall, a breakfast room, other rooms with higher level of comfort and separate bathroom, and a kitchenette. In the attic there are larger "backpacker" rooms with bunk beds and shared lavatory, with a community space if needed, and also the room of mechanical equipment. 

During the planning, the possibility of scheduling the implementation in phases was of paramount importance, therefore the large hall was placed under the ground floor, independently from the building. The façades of the listed building will be transformed only to a minimum, they remain practically unchanged, except for the restoration of the plaster architecture and coloring, and a slight modification in accordance with the functional requirements.


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