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Like LEGO blocks - the Agora Showroom

Behind its eye-catching facade, the Agora Showroom designed by MádiLáncos Studio provides a high quality interior environment for future tenants and buyers who are interested in the Agora development. With its audiovisual and interactive digital systems, the visitor feels being flown into the...

Nursery under a living roof in Zugló

The surrounding residential area with workshops and empty plots has a mismatching urban structure. The architects [Gábor Zimborás, Róbert Kiss] of the building choose an unusual strategy and they formed the building as a landscape object with a slightly sloping green roof. The nursery has a...

Sustainable block redevelopment

Bálint Dőry's final project is the sustainable redevelopment of an inner city urban block in Budapest. The block's special feature is that, despite its central location, there is a currently under-utilized, large-scale and interconnected area inside it.

Square design with art-deco style

The angled walls were the basic element to the creation of the further interior design. From an interior design point of view Judit Dóró puts the emphasis on the angled walls which is visible in certain floor and wall coverings. Regarding the materials and the shapes she uses, the...

Floating on pillars - the Pine-villa

Harmonious proportions with a classical, modernist atmosphere, pavilion-like, transparent volume at the end with a pierced, transitional space expansion and neverending white surfaces are the main characteristics of the Pine-villa designed by István Bársony.