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Slötyi Lido and Park

In her diploma project, Júlia Nagy tries to give home to events which is not connected to the German minority culture, but is open for everyone, even from other towns of the area, maybe even from Budapest. One of its goal is to mix locals with not locals.

Liveable co-housing project

In his diploma, Márton Meszes designed a co-housing project, where he remodelled the participative design method. His aim was to reduce the architectural design to a functional and affordable “frame”, which is going to be liveable through its inhabitants. 

A New Parliament

"In my graduation project, I am looking for answers to how this highlighted building of the People’s Representation can be adapted to today’s and future social needs, and how to use architectural tools to generate changes in a long-established system." - Eszter Salgó.

Origami in white

‘Kitchen of Mimama’ is located in an industrial neighborhood, surrounded by railways. The restaurant, which offers traditional Hungarian food, is enveloped in a definitely non-traditional coverage by the young architect, Zoltán Reznicsek Jr.

School and sports hall

The building complex is made up from a renovated, modernized panel structured school and its most defining characteristic is the sports hall’s shed roof that has two functions as it provides the interior with scattered north light and serves as ground for solar panels on the southern slopes of...