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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Cremation is becoming a more popular form of burial especially in places with a rich historical background, where the cemeteries are overpopulated. In response to a serious need for such a place, László Zoltán Szalai designed a crematorium as his diploma project. As a burial site needs to...

Music Education in an Air Defense Bunker

The diploma-work of Ákos Orbán reflects on the growing spatial demand of a music school. For the new functions, he has chosen a nearby defense shelter in visual connection to the school building, the features of which provide perfect acoustic isolation, despite the dense siting.

Even a brick wants to be something

Architecture should service wide environmental and social values besides the client’s needs - says Károly Nagy who designed a youth activity center as his diploma work. He chose a theme what resolves a real problem while rehabilate an abandoned brick factory. 

Tiny fairyland among the trees

Tree houses to the stream coast. Imola Zsóka Fazakas designed 5 different wooden houses with slightly different proportions, which are placed on trees alongside the stream. She aimed to keep in the traditional sense and nature of a wooden tree house phenomenon. 

DANUBIO: Architecture in unity with the River

Development by the Budapest section of the Danube, Europe’s second largest river, has long been in the public discourse, and so a contemporary approach that respects residents, locals and the environment was long overdue. Developers of DANUBIO - a piece of land that has direct connection with...