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architecture [1187]

people, concepts and realized projects shaping our lifestyle and built environment

The ’Seed’ of Budakalász

The town of Budakalász decided to host an architectural design competition to find a solution to reconstruct the memory of the church, and to reconnect it with the town. In this concept, Péter Márkus designed the reflections of the church. 

Clear speech

The location is Anna meadow known to many as the playground of Normafa. One of the most popular places to rest and relax in the busy city. 

Home at the end of the city

Stacked columns, clean spaces, homogeneous colours and noble claddings characterize this new family home. In the creation of the modest-looking, yet imposing residential building, usability and timeless materials were the key along with the distinction between spaces with different functions.

Rom Incubator Park

Housing for Rom communities in Europe is a common problem. The segregation and creation of slums do have an economical, social and urban importance. The relationship between this ethnic group’s history and culture and the other various ethnic groups is decisive.