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Recently, the photography has come closer to me. I do it as my best hobby and try to integrate to my architectural views, therefore I research the connection between the two art genre. I wanted to elaborate this theme as my thesis to investigate more specific informations for my knowledge.

The Anchor

After the period of success in mitigating the damage to mother nature, humanity needs to face new challenges. Furthermore, space exploring is in advance


My architectural diploma thesis is a presentation of a possible utopia in GANZ district in Budapest, Hungary. It is a functional, social and urbanistic revitalization. The choise of location is important for me due I have spent my childhood helping my parents in their shop and I saw  different...

Community and Social Center Orczy Quarter

The problem of the backwardness of Józsefváros has been already present before the Second World War. Today, several integrated urban development plans have been created for each quarter of the district. In 2016, the Magdolna-Orczy Rehabilitation Program was established with the main goal of...

HÁROS SAMPLE – An arranged withdraw

In the case of the Háros Island’s history, it is worth to get involved in the middle of the 19th century. Events accelerated due to recognition of the potential of the River Danube’s gentle tributary. Large-scale investments were made for river and marine shipbuilding. The island ceased to...

Ormánság Hemp - Sellye

The subject of the thesis is the design of a hemp processing plant in Sellye, in Ormánság, which would be housed in a farmyard granary and stables linked to the Draskovich family in the 1800s. Unemployment is typical for the landscape, and the hemp would employ dozens of people, both in-house...