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Mother's home and daycare center Miskolc

Dániel Ritter didn’t want to choose a socially sensitive theme for his thesis on purpose, but he was born in Miskolc and faced with huge social problems every day, which are typical at this territory. It was very important for him to respond to these everyday issues and try to give a...

Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

The National Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer has been enriched with three sincere buildings of various characters reflecting the logic of their individual functions. István Murka, the architect in charge of the project ambitioned to re-configurate the former random spatial structure whilst...

Sensibilization - monument in Olaszliszka

Zsolt Szécsi and Ágnes M. Juhász designed a pilgrim site in Olaszlisza to the ruins of the old synagogue. This memorial site is not only a bow of respect to the victims but an architectural-artistic project which elevates the relics of the former site into the material world. 

Almásy-Wenckheim Castle, Gyula

With the help of László Földes and his team, the old castle of Gyula got a new and spectacular look. The exteriors as well as interiors are restored and express luxury with application of a contemporary language, using extravagant lights and showcases connecting the classiness of the past to...