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Aquaticum Bath, ideas competition

The character of the Bath in Nagyerdő is provided by the natural environment and the proximity of cultural and sports facilities organized around it in recent years. In their plan, Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects created a spa complex that strengthen and exploit the local endowments, and offers a unique atmosphere at county and national level as well. 

This area plays an increasingly important cultural role also in the community life of Debrecen. Through its catering units, the bath’s infrastructure can be involved in serving the events that capture the imagination of growing crowds. During the day these units can serve the bathers, while they can be used for the service of different events at night or out of the bath’s opening time. This way the role of the currently lacking former Vigadó could be revived. The plan aims to create a complete unit of the Parkerdő (the park) and its elements (bath, stadium, zoo, water tower-water bar, exhibition hall, open-air theater, Békás Lake etc.), by strengthening each function.

The evaluation committee gave a shared 3rd prize to the plan because bridging a nicely formed passage above the bath area is an urbanistically useful idea and also for the solution of a playfully shaped, coherent system of the pools.” – detail from the final report of the a evaluation committee.


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