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Adrienne Szalkai

Maybe this year Adrienne Szalkai be the Landscape Designer of the Year Audience Award winner. All this depends on your votes, your vote on your well.

I got my degree in 1995, founded my own company with the name Pigment Studio Ltd. in 2000. After many successful home and foreign works I accepted the acting manager job at Főkert Studio Ltd., since that I control the team responsible for the development of the green fields in the capital. In the last years it was possible to change the way in the planning of the green fields in the capital, which can be small scale flower-bed and installation or other scale of bigger park plans (Népliget, Városmajor). Next to the functionality the message and the meaning are also come to the front and the whole plan is organised by them in every part of it. The shapes, materials, use of plants, built parts and street furniture organised by one idea, give a clear unity, and through these it broadcasts the designer’s way of thinking. This kind of planning is most impulsively can come to the front in installation gardens, so with my colleagues we do experiments in public space installations.

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