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offices and buildings for administration purposes

Google Budapest – SPA Office

The offices of Google have a worldwide reputation of their joyful and scenery-like appearance. The main concept of the interior design is essentially the same in every country. The keyword ‘SPA’ has been chosen for the office in Budapest - which was designed by Graphasel Design Studio -...

Atelier house in Debrecen

Tabula rasa: Péter Kovács DLA designed a clear white sheet – namely a clear white space – as his own architect office, located in one of the oldest areas of Debrecen. In the building, old and new is separated by brick and reinforced concrete structure. The basic architectural formula of...

Váci Corner offices

Built at the intersection of Váci and Turbina street, the Váci Corner office building was finally completed in 2014 with the leading of László Szász, Erzsébet Hajnády, János Dombóvári, Csaba Lengyel and Levente Pécsi.