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offices and buildings for administration purposes

Like LEGO blocks - the Agora Showroom

Behind its eye-catching facade, the Agora Showroom designed by MádiLáncos Studio provides a high quality interior environment for future tenants and buyers who are interested in the Agora development. With its audiovisual and interactive digital systems, the visitor feels being flown into the...

Box-like exterior by Minusplus

The building of SB-Controls is located in an industrual park outskirt of Sóskút. The view of this environment is dominated by large scale factories and warehouses. Reacting to this urban no-man's land and the client's need to create a familiar and intimate atmosphere inside, the architects of...

Where from, where to

The project of the NOKIA Skypark Office Centre is the most prominent lease transaction since the crisis, and the biggest office built by ZDA Zoboki Építésziroda [Zoboki's Architecture Office]. 

Suggestive symmetry

Convey the feeling at first sight – in the case of the Multicontact Consulting office’s makeover, the Level Up Office Design team was commissioned with the task to create a space that is capable of this. 

A Milestone Brightening Up

The members of Mérték Studio drew their inspiration from the mesmerizing experience of the Nordic Light, as the office block carries the same name. This natural phenomenon is reflected on the facades of the building as a live sensation unfolds as we look at the facades.