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offices and buildings for administration purposes

NEXON's new headquarter

The Hungarian-owned NEXON Hungary has built a new headquarters for itself. As a result of the rational thinking of the owners, a long-standing, high-quality, LEED GOLD-qualified building complex has been created with a long-lasting, exterior and interior similar color and design.

Bistro offices

A three story villa gives home to the advertising company Bistro, with its 400 m2 on Hegyalja Street, Budapest, originally built in the ‘90s. The project is defined by the absolute determination to fulfill a hybrid function as well as the uncompromised realization of the interior design concept.

Designer Office from Clinker

The design for ACG's new office made by Anett Farkas and Ádám Vesztergom is a powerful, structurally complex building that has a big impact on all of our senses. The playfully arranged opposing colors and the visible structural elements make for an eclectic working environment.