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Addressing the world outside - the SAP office

András Vikár DLA and István Lukács aimed to adjust the new N building in the Graphisoft Park to its surroundings; the value of the site's genius loci is not forgotten in this project, that is why this is the first building in the park that initiates a discourse with the city.

Thanks to the continuous trust of the owner, we had the opportunity to track the progress of the Graphisoft Park from the beginning. As a result, bit by bit each of our buildings was realized; these buildings - in retrospect - can possibly represent the history of the Park.

Thanks to Graphisoft and primarily Gábor Bojár we lived through the success of the realized building designs driven by the belief of the quality work environment, that then counted as a pioneer notion in terms of office building design: a university-campus-like-building – in which our Developer’s building “Fejlesztői épület” (2000) is ranked. We also had the opportunity to live through the dramatic moments during the building and growth of the Park, when we had to make certain investors decisions, that seemed to be unjustified efforts, but were indispensable to hold on to the philosophy of the Park. Our building “M” is ranked into this category, where we had to transform the huge spacious demands of Microsoft into Park-scaled, likable masses, with underground parking space numbers overly exceeding the demands of the building, restoring the original green character of the growing park.

We had the opportunity in taking part of the transformation in the valorizing areas surrounding the park, where we can enumerate the four buildings of our Aquincum villa houses (2003). We lived through the transformation of the Graphisoft park into a University premise, which we contributed the Residence hall (2013). During the last two decades the park went through a huge scale-transition, so forth in the place of our first, functionally unnecessary little Logistics building (1998), a new building was placed – one of the bigger tenants’ (SAP) expansion of the existing building occupied the area… It meant some consolation that we designed this building in 2016. 

In retrospect, our task was to adjust to the mood and existing buildings of the park in all of the design projects, but we aimed to create something new and different, because we think that adjusting to the genius loci and the given age is always successful, if it is accomplished. The difference could be realized in small shifting in emphasis.

As a curiosity, our new SAP building creates a new situation in the Park, while before the main organizer of the buildings’ placement and connections were the bank of the Danube and the Park’s inner life, now we reached the “outer world”, the Jégtörő street. This is the first building to blink outside towards the city, as a face for the Park. Fortunately along the years a lot of other excellent designers participated in shaping the corporate identity of the Park, so now new buildings are being built on both sides of this building, creating a new quality Graphisoft Park.

András Vikár, István Lukács



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