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A homogeneous weekend house

The weekend house in Pécsely does not easily attract attention, because it is hidden among the trees and other houses. But the contemporary design of György Kovács ZsoltJana BeránkováDávid Kovács has a simple and natural vision that is worth acknowledging. 

This house was built in a very beautiful natural environment, on the hillside, facing the Lake Balaton. We wanted to make a house, that fits to its environment, which is simple and natural.

Pécsely is a small village near Lake Balaton. This house was built on the edge of the village, on the hillside facing East. From the terrace, you can see Lake Balaton and vineyards. There are a lot of vineyards.

We wanted to plan a house with a basic shape, with stone walls and roof, but in this part of the county, the building regulations are very strict, so we had to plan the roof with tiles. We found dismantled tiles, the colour of which is much closer to the colour of stones.

In this house, there is a living room in one space with a kitchen, in front of the entrance door, there are stairs. On the other side of the stairs, there is a bathroom, and there is a bedroom.

In the attic, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a wine cellar under the house. There are two pergolas in the garden, one of them over the terrace, one of them over the grill terrace. We wanted to make a homogeneus house, so we planned the pergola and a windows shutters with a colour of which is close to the stones colour.

György Kovács Zsolt, Jana Beránková, Dávid Kovács

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