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How to read the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

This project is a rehabilitation of a former porcelain factory as a cultural center. The factory is in the town of Pécs, which is situated in the southern part of Hungary, near to Croatia. The...

2012.06.18 16:12 CEST

Concept for the future of Buda Castle

In terms of the capital of Hungary, the lack of deliberated and valid visions for the future has been lamented many times. Architect Ferenc Potzner and his team have worked out a comprehensive and...

2011.05.06 11:30 CEST

DANUBIO: Architecture in unity with the River

Development by the Budapest section of the Danube, Europe’s second largest river, has long been in the public discourse, and so a contemporary approach that respects residents, locals and the...

2018.09.24 15:35 CEST

Waterfall, rocks and fallen trees - bridge in the forest

A group of young architects built a commodity still near Gyergyócsomafalva. The concept of the bridge was inspired by the shape defined by the fallen trees. The outcome of the four-day-work...

2018.09.24 08:00 CEST
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