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students' works [plan]

Transformation – Center and Museum of Architecture

The diploma-work of Bence Léstyán focuses on the transformer house designed by his own grandfather Ernő Léstyán. He enriched the old building with new features but without compromising its...

2018.09.20 14:28 CEST

Community Bathing Experience – Castle Bath of Diósgyőr

In his diploma-work, Mihály Vári aimed to reconsider the Castle Bath of Diósgyőr, Miskolc, by comparing it with the past condition of the site and the ongoing large-scale, touristic...

2018.09.20 10:56 CEST
dwelling [building]

White cube house with trampoline above Budapest

The four-level single family house is situated on the hillside of Budapest, only 15 minutes from the downtown. The building is placed on the top of the steep side, open to the panorama and to the...

2018.09.19 11:25 CEST

Constructivist Dream on the Balaton Shore

At the end of the reconstruction of this house in Lake Balaton, Csaba Kovács succeeded in giving a lighter impression to the modern building, even if it has its roots in constructivist design....

2018.09.16 21:53 CEST
education [building]

New building of the Ludovica Campus

The development of the campus of this university was a logical step necessary for a longer time; whilst training was housed previously at various points in the city, it is now integrated on one...

2018.09.10 13:11 CEST

Lovely environment for the children: Pitypang (dandelion) Kindergarten

"Our concept was to design a unique, child-centred building, that still reflects the traditionalist approach of the kindergartens pedagogic program. Our building is rooted in traditional...

2018.09.10 13:00 CEST
administration [building]

Intermittent Gray: The Interior Design of NEXON

As a base, gray frames the otherwise colorful and bright interior space of NEXON Offices. The software developers' working place has been enlivened by Attila Bakó and Kristóf Göbölyös.

2018.09.18 10:09 CEST

Screening Creativity

Grund is a creative agency, which deals with branding, campaign planning, social media and generally with communication. The company's executives asked The Alchemists Architecture and Interior...

2018.09.17 17:53 CEST
monument [building]

Pristine Renovation - reconstruction of the Dessewffy Mansion

The renovation of the more than 350 years-old mansion by Gábor Erhardt was a highly successful project taking only 3 years. Even though the original building has its own unique history with...

2018.09.05 13:35 CEST

The Restoration of the Castle of Szászvár – the Hidden Medieval Manor House

What can you do, if during a cultural heritage management, new and valuable parts of a building are unraveled? The castle of Szászvár was a complicated project to execute by János Albert,...

2017.05.29 16:31 CEST
sport [building]

Location, Assimilation - Municipal Swimming Pool and Sport Academy

During the design process of the Balatonfüred Municipal Swimming Pool and Sport Academy Tamás Varga DLA wanted to create a functional, simple, contemporary but still environmentally fitted...

2018.08.29 11:38 CEST

Steel-spirited Stadium in Miskolc

KÖZTI Architects has entirely remodeled an old stadium in Miskolc with the help of reinforced concrete and steel structural elements. The new building has the capacity to accommodate nearly 15000...

2018.08.21 12:52 CEST
education [plan]

One ring above all - International School Debrecen

A community, a unit, a gesture ... A cell that puts all the factors that shape and implement the goals that are needed for life, into one movement; it can solve itself as a closed system. The...

2017.06.15 20:06 CEST

New kindergarten in Pomáz

Earlier this year, a public procurement tender was announced for the design of a kindergarten to Pomáz. Following a successful entry, Bálint Ásztai and his team started to set up a concept in...

2016.10.13 14:45 CEST

House with a Hundred Rooms – The Symbol of Progress

Paradigma Ariadné’s proposal to the new building complex of MTK football academy with its almost hundred rooms is the representation of progress mirroring the objective of the football academy,...

2018.08.23 13:43 CEST

Pebl of Danube

The project got its name “Dunakavics”(Pebl of Danube) because in its final form it resembles a stack of pebbles, which can be associated with the functions of relaxation and recreation, and...

2017.09.22 14:14 CEST
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