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students' works [plan]

Place for photography in Magdolna-quarter

The basic design concept of Anita Kern diploma project was to create a worthy space for photography-education. In the middle of the project stands the most important tool of the photography: the...

2016.09.19 16:32 CEST

Equestrian centre in Csepel-island

The goal of the thesis of Gabriella László and Kitti Károlyfi is the examination of the effect of the architectural and structural desinging have on each other, and the borune of the two...

2016.09.19 16:04 CEST
education [plan]

„Pitypang” Kindergarten by the SAGRA Architects

The main concept was to create a building of high architectural quailty that is based on the traditionalist pedagogical concept of the existing „Pitypang” Kindergarten. The concept is rooted...

2015.08.14 14:21 CEST

More than just a School - Voluntary School in Budakeszi

The institution of the voluntary school is a member of an international chain, operating in Budapest for 23 years, providing educational programs for children worldwide. The intention was to...

2014.09.16 16:20 CEST
commerce and services [plan]

Store and residential building

Building into an empty plot is a classic urban task and due to its genre faces a lot of restrictions. Csaba Szakál and his team designed the multifunctional building on a Székesfehérvár plot.

2014.10.03 14:18 CEST

Small mall in the hills of the 12th district of Budapest

In the place of a timeworn shopping centre dating back to the 1990s, architect László Szerdahelyi proposed a new, high quality mall including office functions, called Hegyvidék Központ. In...

2011.07.22 14:17 CEST

Bio-briquettes dryer in Monor

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, The Doctoral School of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics launched a specific...

2015.08.19 10:53 CEST

Batthyány László Institute for Blinds

The A4 Studio - with the leading of Géza Kendik architect - designed the home of the 18+ children. Their aim was a simple, safe and user friendly building, which serves the life of the children.

2015.08.17 13:01 CEST
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