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The recapture of Pesterzsébet - the Hullám Boathouses

In recent years, the utilization of the abandoned old buildings, their revitalization, the reconsideration of the former functions, and at the same time the preservation of their architectural...

2015.12.18 11:38 CET

Let's take a trip to the new Szilas Creek

Some projects of the Tér_Köz competition are presented in a series of articles, the first element of which is District XVI, where the 5 km long bike path along Szilas Creek and the associated...

2015.12.18 11:30 CET

Results European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014

This year, 274 projects from 30 European countries presented for the Prize. 

2014.04.29 15:14 CEST
commerce and services [plan]

Store and residential building

Building into an empty plot is a classic urban task and due to its genre faces a lot of restrictions. Csaba Szakál and his team designed the multifunctional building on a Székesfehérvár plot.

2014.10.03 14:18 CEST

Small mall in the hills of the 12th district of Budapest

In the place of a timeworn shopping centre dating back to the 1990s, architect László Szerdahelyi proposed a new, high quality mall including office functions, called Hegyvidék Központ. In...

2011.07.22 14:17 CEST

Batthyány László Institute for Blinds

The A4 Studio - with the leading of Géza Kendik architect - designed the home of the 18+ children. Their aim was a simple, safe and user friendly building, which serves the life of the children.

2015.08.17 13:01 CEST

The Scale project

Can we use limescale as a positive material? Are we able to build with the material which causes problem everywhere? Bence László Dobos and Petra Bognár, the students of the Moholy-Nagy...

2015.08.14 09:56 CEST
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