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tourism & entertainment [building]

The new visitors' centre in Somogyvár

Csaba Molnár DLA, Viktor Szentkuti and Dénes Halmai designed a new visitors' centre of the St Ladislaus’ memorial site in Somogyvár. The building fits to the nature and strengthens the...

2016.10.18 11:16 CEST

Winery in a glass pavilion

István Szövényi and Anna Szövényi are a father-daughter architect pair who designed a twin winery in Etyek - which owner also a member of the family. The new building preserves and recreates...

2016.10.17 12:09 CEST
culture [building]

Vodafone pop-up store and community space

After Nanavízió participating in an invitation only competition by Vodafone, they had the chance to design a cool urban space for them. It had to be an inspiring space bursting with creative...

2016.10.06 16:27 CEST

Cultur barn in Nyárádszentsimon by MOME students

The class of 15 students and their tutors (Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen) created a real barn in Nyárádszentsimon, Transylvania, which is a creative artistic space with the possibility of...

2016.10.06 11:45 CEST
dwelling [building]

Complex simulation experiment: intelligent family house in Pécs

The renovation of a house built in the seventies in Pécs was finished recently, turning it into Hungary’s first intelligent, plus-energy residential building, which is now operating in live...

2016.10.14 13:07 CEST

As if it would be Bauhaus

At first glance one might suspect even some Bauhaus marks in the villa built on Rózsadomb in the 30s. The house was awakened from Sleeping Beauty's dream by the team of FBIS architects, where...

2016.10.12 16:09 CEST
administration [building]

Office with popculture: DekoRatio Branding Studio

Miklós Kiss and his partner studio, the DekoRatio Branding and Design Studio wanted to create an experience that inspires ambitious companies to use better design and to demonstrate how design...

2016.10.05 13:09 CEST

The architectural transformation of Váci 1.

2015 marked the year when property developer Horizon Development acquired the building with the intention to redevelop it for complex functionality, housing retail and office units, restaurants...

2016.10.04 14:58 CEST
education [plan]

Just like a pie - the new block of SOTE

Gergő and Péter Batizi-Pócsi, the young architects under the name of batlab, designed a pie shaped new block of SOTE for a competition. Their concept was to create an extremly simple,...

2016.10.11 17:28 CEST

School developement in Ghana

There's a school in Ghana which development had started years ago but due to financial difficulties it didn't get any further than building a part of the base slab. A keen group of architects from...

2016.09.19 16:17 CEST
commerce and services [building]

Emmaroz: women's tailor and store

Miklós Kiss designed a women's tailor and store where his inspiration for the interior design was feminity, purity and an original salon atmosphere. Entering through the door the customer is...

2016.10.05 13:03 CEST

Budafok new, modern market 2.

 The neighbours handed over recently from his market's and the community space's developed in an eye with it fruition Kertész András Tibor architect and with Torma Sarolta planning the space,...

2016.09.26 16:38 CEST

Puritan harmony: mountain hut at Galyatető

The tourist centre is a refurbishment project in Galyatető, an expansion of a little stone-made mountain hut. It was built from materials that could ensure durability in the mountain weather...

2016.10.05 15:18 CEST

Budget hostel, budget design

Essential Hostel aims to challenge the conventional notion of a backpacker hostel. The commissioner asked the team of Partizan Architecture to make a hostel that becomes competitive on the market...

2016.10.05 11:54 CEST
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