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The importance of continuous training - Tomas Rosak

Tomas Rosak is the head of the East-European Saint-Gobain for a long time now. He speaks about the effects of the crisis in 2008, his worst and best year, the challenges and the process how they...

2016.01.05 11:36 CET

Mario Botta - the Swiss architect talks about the distinctive elements of his architecture

In this article Mario Botta talks about himself in an exclusive interview given to Realtŕ Mapei and carried out by Marco Manzoni from the Mapei SpA’s Marketing Department.

2014.10.08 10:52 CEST

Music Center

"The theme I have chosen for my thesis project was a music hub located near the center of Debrecen, Hungary. My project is connected to the already existing „musical infrastructure” as well as...

2017.05.02 18:50 CEST

Bath for the soul

Comprehensive research and heightened sensitivity are the main characteristics of Áron Lality's diploma work that won the award for a degree plan by MÉK-MÉSZ. The project offers a solution for...

2016.11.08 13:41 CET
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