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students' works [plan]

Pebl of Danube

The project got its name “Dunakavics”(Pebl of Danube) because in its final form it resembles a stack of pebbles, which can be associated with the functions of relaxation and recreation, and...

2017.09.22 14:14 CEST

Dance and event centre in a factory building

A group of private investors wants to establish the very first sports arena in the Hungarian capital that is dedicaded to international dancesport events and also can be the center of dance...

2017.09.22 10:10 CEST
tourism & entertainment [building]

Structural Rhythm - Lela Apartment & Residence

Péter Tuskán and Kristóf Tihanyi received the commission to design a high-profile, lakeside apartment building in Balatonlelle in 2015. Beyond utilizing the site in an economically feasible...

2017.09.19 13:13 CEST

Center for Ecotourism by the Central-Tisza

The intention of the designers was to demonstrate and justify that traditional construction methods and forms – if they are filled with adequate function and the demands of the new, 21st century...

2017.09.18 18:18 CEST
administration [building]

Addressing the world outside - the SAP office

András Vikár DLA and István Lukács aimed to adjust the new N building in the Graphisoft Park to its surroundings; the value of the site's genius loci is not forgotten in this project, that is...

2017.09.18 18:18 CEST

Like LEGO blocks - the Agora Showroom

Behind its eye-catching facade, the Agora Showroom designed by MádiLáncos Studio provides a high quality interior environment for future tenants and buyers who are interested in the Agora...

2017.09.16 13:13 CEST
culture [building]

Ethereal whiteness - the new Hegyvidék Gallery

The local municipality of the 12th district has recently asked for the help of students studying in the University of Applied Arts to collaborate in issues concerning the district. This time, the...

2017.05.11 16:56 CEST

Batthyány Heritage Center reception building and theater in Körmend

Dániel Tamás Kiss and Péter Tóth, interior designers of MORFO redesigned the reception building and theater hall of the Batthyány-Strattmann Castle in Körmend, the interior of which was...

2017.01.10 16:48 CET
education [plan]

One ring above all - International School Debrecen

A community, a unit, a gesture ... A cell that puts all the factors that shape and implement the goals that are needed for life, into one movement; it can solve itself as a closed system. The...

2017.06.15 20:06 CEST

New kindergarten in Pomáz

Earlier this year, a public procurement tender was announced for the design of a kindergarten to Pomáz. Following a successful entry, Bálint Ásztai and his team started to set up a concept in...

2016.10.13 14:45 CEST
industry & agriculture [building]

Bio-briquettes dryer in Monor

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, The Doctoral School of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics launched a specific...

2015.08.19 10:53 CEST

New Tobaco Processing Factory – Debrecen, Hungary

The design task was to create a new, greenfield investment, app. 14,000 sqm sized building, which is the new Hungarian headquarters and production center of a Luxembourgish owned company. 

2015.08.10 09:52 CEST

Music Center

"The theme I have chosen for my thesis project was a music hub located near the center of Debrecen, Hungary. My project is connected to the already existing „musical infrastructure” as well as...

2017.05.02 18:50 CEST

Bath for the soul

Comprehensive research and heightened sensitivity are the main characteristics of Áron Lality's diploma work that won the award for a degree plan by MÉK-MÉSZ. The project offers a solution for...

2016.11.08 13:41 CET
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