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industry & agriculture [building]

The fun and colorful world of food aromas

The project of Reload Architects Studio, namely Anikó Petőcz-Tóth and Péter Csizmadi DLA, takes on a creative new look on the architecture of industrial parks. It does not come as a surprise...

2017.02.06 17:00 CET

Bio-briquettes dryer in Monor

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, The Doctoral School of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics launched a specific...

2015.08.19 10:53 CEST
students' works [plan]

Budapest Superblock: Catalyst in the „eight-houses”

What does Superblock mean? If a city outgrows people, there's a need for a city within a city. In the specific urban area, it quickly designs an independent living space. Dávid Kálna in his...

2019.09.17 13:34 CEST

Slötyi Lido and Park

In her diploma project, Júlia Nagy tries to give home to events which is not connected to the German minority culture, but is open for everyone, even from other towns of the area, maybe even from...

2019.09.17 12:43 CEST
commerce and services [building]

New Headquarters of the Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary

Hungary’s largest cutting-edge, single-block, build to suit headquarters and office development to date - as well as one of the country’s most innovative, eco-conscious office buildings, has...

2019.09.15 18:42 CEST

Between Two Worlds

The design area housed a significantly rundown service centre, with numerous cars running and parking almost every hour of the day on an asphalt pavement all along the beautiful alleyway. The area...

2019.08.30 10:42 CEST
education [building]

Preserved small-town heritage

In small towns of Hungary even some parts of historical city centers were torn down in the Socialist-era to construct factory-made panel buildings. More recently, the housing market is doing the...

2019.08.30 11:04 CEST

New campus of Vilmos Apor Catholic College

The Vilmos Apor Catholic College has commissioned Jahoda and Páricsy Architects in February 2015 to design their new Budapest campus. For the architects sustainability and economic efficiency...

2018.09.18 15:01 CEST
dwelling [building]

Residential housing in Kőbánya

This residential project was realised on an interesting site in the outskirts of Budapest.

2019.09.13 17:48 CEST

The power of whiteness

Functional order, proportionality and conceptual purity led István Bényei and Balázs Ivony to the design motif of this building. This is the origin of the natural simplicity of the relatively...

2019.09.05 16:35 CEST
tourism & entertainment [plan]

Twisted Pavilions

The project was an exciting planning for the Northern Light Room Challenge announced by Bee Breeders. 

2019.08.30 19:39 CEST

The Tip of the Iceberg - Sóstó Zoo

It's an ongoing debate whether zoos are morally acceptable, and if not, what type of construction could make them so. DEKON architectural office took its task very seriously and avoided reducing...

2018.09.20 12:01 CEST
monument [building]

Monumental Reconstruction of the Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion

Reconstructing a more than 200-year-old building can be more than a challenging task. However, the rich history of the Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion gives a wonderful flavor to the finished...

2018.09.22 16:28 CEST

Renovation and expension of the Hild mansion

László Kokas and his team decided to look at the features of the classicistic architecture, figure out the rules of its game and after that, design a clean classical building. During the...

2018.09.11 11:30 CEST
education [plan]

Learning Landscape

The project took the second place on the open competition to rehabilitation of Library of University of Genova Department of Physics.ehabilitation of the Library ofUniversity of Genova, Department...

2019.09.07 10:56 CEST

Water in the Desert

Sharjah Institute of Research, Technology & Innovation – under development in the United Arab Emirates next to the Aljada quarter development – was in need of in innovative solution that is...

2019.09.02 09:29 CEST
religion [plan]

The substance of simplicity

Anna Meadow has been and remains to this day a popular spot for Budapest hikers.Thanks to the municipality’s rehabilitation and development activities, the number of hikers, nature-lovers, and...

2019.08.31 10:34 CEST

Halo for Normafa

Interesting vision made for the competition of Sacred Place on Anna Meadow. 

2019.08.31 10:12 CEST
administration [building]

Community Spaces Reexamined

Keeping in mind the wishes of MVM Group employees for a more creative and invigorated community space, Kristóf Göbölyös and Attila Bakó created a new interior design for the already...

2018.09.18 10:37 CEST

Intermittent Gray: The Interior Design of NEXON

As a base, gray frames the otherwise colorful and bright interior space of NEXON Offices. The software developers' working place has been enlivened by Attila Bakó and Kristóf Göbölyös.

2018.09.18 10:09 CEST

DANUBIO: Architecture in unity with the River

Development by the Budapest section of the Danube, Europe’s second largest river, has long been in the public discourse, and so a contemporary approach that respects residents, locals and the...

2018.09.24 15:35 CEST

Waterfall, rocks and fallen trees - bridge in the forest

A group of young architects built a commodity still near Gyergyócsomafalva. The concept of the bridge was inspired by the shape defined by the fallen trees. The outcome of the four-day-work...

2018.09.24 08:00 CEST
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