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students' works [plan]

Workshop of Trades in Tiszavasvári

Iszály Anna's base of concept is a workshop program in her diploma work. She wanted to plan a building that gives the opportunity to practice and learn again the forgotten professions like...

2016.06.08 15:46 CEST

Youth center at Orczy-tér

The aim of Kristóf Tihanyi's thesis project is to alleviate the social problems of the Orczy-district in Józsefváros, one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Budapest. 

2015.08.24 14:25 CEST
dwelling [building]

Kubenhaus - handcrafted

The latest project of architect studio Rintala&Eggertsson was built at the end of February, 2016, in just a bit more than a week. Responding on the refugee crisis the housing unit of 28 square...

2016.04.26 11:06 CEST

Ecological house in Szentendre

This ecological house, designed by Péter Borbás DLA, was built in the downtown of Szentendre, in a street with medieval atmosphere; and in addition to its compliance with the active and passive...

2015.08.24 08:44 CEST

Results European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014

This year, 274 projects from 30 European countries presented for the Prize. 

2014.04.29 15:14 CEST
commerce and services [plan]

Store and residential building

Building into an empty plot is a classic urban task and due to its genre faces a lot of restrictions. Csaba Szakál and his team designed the multifunctional building on a Székesfehérvár plot.

2014.10.03 14:18 CEST

Small mall in the hills of the 12th district of Budapest

In the place of a timeworn shopping centre dating back to the 1990s, architect László Szerdahelyi proposed a new, high quality mall including office functions, called Hegyvidék Központ. In...

2011.07.22 14:17 CEST

Batthyány László Institute for Blinds

The A4 Studio - with the leading of Géza Kendik architect - designed the home of the 18+ children. Their aim was a simple, safe and user friendly building, which serves the life of the children.

2015.08.17 13:01 CEST

The Scale project

Can we use limescale as a positive material? Are we able to build with the material which causes problem everywhere? Bence László Dobos and Petra Bognár, the students of the Moholy-Nagy...

2015.08.14 09:56 CEST
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